Kharar Development - Making Kharar No. 1

Today Kharar is in dire need of major development needs and that is what Ranjit Singh Gill, Kharar MLA Contestant in the Punjab 2022 Elections is betting on. The people of Kharar, who are being let down for the past many years by multiple governments see him as a leader Kharar desperately needs. His mantra is – MAKING KHARAR NO 1 and he promises to bring a round of major changes in all the areas of governance. 

A native of Rupnagar’s Majri Jattan village, Ranjit Singh Gill, graduated from Rupnagar’s Government College and moved to Kharar in 2002 after serving as the village sarpanch and as a member of the block Samiti. Having served as a sarpanch he realised he enjoyed working for the society and decided to work for the people. He contributed towards the causes he believed in and did social work – all in his personal capacity for the next few years as he established his business in the city. In 2017, recognizing the need for significant development changes and quality education, he began his political career with the Shiromani Akali Dal. He says he is not a politician but a social worker whose main aim is the development of Punjab. He envisions a society in which he could offer his people the best health and education services. 


Kharar development is Ranjit Singh Gill’s priority. His approach to dealing with the issue is markedly different from the conventional approach, in which the future agenda is determined in light of the evolving scene, particularly with regard to problems that have arisen along the way.
He envisions a society in which he can offer his public the best infrastructure recognizing the significance of the development.

His Top Priorities Include:

• Building a modern bus stop for the convenience of the public. He wants to build well-designed and modern bus stands with a variety of amenities to encourage people to use public transportation.
• The growing traffic congestion in our cities necessitates immediate and efficient solutions to which he will build improved roads and will develop more flyovers to reduce traffic congestion.
• Many hospitals are not fully facilitated to fulfil the public needs which he promises to provide and assures to upgrade hospitals, keeping in view the health problems of the general public.
• He will build better sewerage construction and a better drainage system in his town.
• In the digital world, when children forgot to play outdoor games, and their physical strength is low he wants to create awareness among the children about the importance of physical activities. Advanced playgrounds to encourage children in sports will be built.

No bus stand in kharar - People standing in the sun
Kharar Development - Bus stand will be built here

Current State of “Kharar Bus Stand


Kharar Hospital

Kharar Hospital - No facilities available

Ranjit Singh Gill will establish a better health care system for the public. In order to provide safe and effective disease treatment, he will increase services and renovate hospitals and their infrastructure. Not only will our public hospitals be cost-effective, but they will also be at par with the private ones in terms of quality and facilities.
• Many hospitals are not fully facilitated to fulfill the public needs which Ranjit Singh Gill promises to provide and assures to upgrade hospitals, keeping in view the health problems of the general public while being cost-effective.
• Dispensaries for locals will be set up to increase the availability of medical facilities for the public at affordable costs without compromising quality.
• He will ensure public and environmental hygiene. All the surrounding areas will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis to decrease the infection rates.
• Clean and well maintained public washrooms will be built for the public to improve the hygiene conditions in the city.


A well-established and accessible education system is invaluable for everybody as it ensures a country’s progress. And even more important is the access of good quality education to the poor and lower sections of the society as it is their roadway to get out of poverty. Ranjit Singh Gill has already been helping poor and unprivileged people in their education and this will be a strong point of focus in his administration. Punjab is facing significant deficits in student enrollment and student achievement and Mr. Gill plans to work on that by:

  • Raising public awareness about the importance of education for both men and women.
  • Raising awareness and building better schools with the best infrastructure for the sake of the children’s futures.
  • Assuring Quality teachers for quality education.
  • Creating awareness among poor families for encouraging their children to study.
  • Ensuring affordable education that everyone can get study.
Water logged playground of school in kharar

Current State of Schools

Rural Development

Kharar Development - broken rural road
kharar road with potholes

Current state of roadsides

Rural development is commonly used to describe a strategy of improving the quality of life and financial well-being of people who live in densely populated and distant places.

Rural development is believed to be of greater relevance in the country today than it was in the past in the process of the nation’s progress. It is a strategy aimed at achieving increased productivity, more socioeconomic equality and ambition, and stability in social and economic development.

Our government’s aims for rural development in the sixth five-year plan are as follows:

  • To raise rural people’s productivity and earnings
  • To ensure greater and rapid job opportunities
  • To eliminate unemployment and significantly reduce underemployment
  • To ensure an improvement in the poor population’s standard of living
  • To meet basic requirements such as elementary education, healthcare, safe drinking water, rural roads, and so on.


The Punjab region is brimming with visually beautiful constructions and edifices that exemplify bygone aesthetic tastes. The monuments, which serve as the area’s legacy, bear witness to the glorious past times that the region has known since time immemorial. The structures exhibit captivating architecture that distinguishes the Punjab edifices from the rest of the states. The significance of this cannot be overstated. It is not only the obligation of the government or the local populace to care for these sites; it is the responsibility of all humans. Ranjit Singh Gill plans on promoting it by:

  1. Creating a Community for preserving heritage places of city as we are working to preserve and protect these sites. We can work with different organizations, travel agencies, government groups and local communities to preserve such places. 
  1. Increase Awareness by communicating the importance of saving and protecting heritage sites. 
  1. Encouraging Personal EffortsLocal people are the first and best stewards of these sites. They must respond responsibly and efficiently towards the preservation of heritage sites in their area. 
ajj sarovar
ajj sarovar

State of what should rightfully be a heritage site – Ajj Sarovar


kharar roadside

Current state of roadsides

In today’s digital world, when children have forgotten to play outdoor games, and their physical strength is low Ranjit Singh Gill plans on creating awareness among the children about the importance of physical activities. He believes it is critical to encourage your child to play outside, yet many youngsters dislike playing outside due to lack of infrastructure. He will promote:

  • Employment opportunities in sports.
  • Financial assistance to schools for sports equipment
  • Well built sports field and infrastructure in schools.